‘But I was never told”

Front Look of New NPT BrochureIt is clear from watching people driving down the road as I am riding my bicycle – people are into their own little world. (And my peddling presence is of little consequence!)     And I think their knowledge tends to be auto-centric too.     People get their facts and viewpoints from interaction with the outside world – never complete and very skewed.       It’s not very scientific but it’s often the way to live life.

And that’s just it – you’re depending on this information to live a successful, enriching life.

Whoa to you if the information you have is all wrong!!!!

I suppose that it must have struck a convert who joined a particular church for the purpose of getting social interaction and to base their life’s values; only to find themselves in a long line in Guyana receiving arsenic-laced cool-aid.         I can just see them saying to themselves, “Maybe I should have checked what this group is about and what they believe in.”

Well, when it comes to historic preservation – you can strip away the politics and the misinformation – check out the incredibly thorough Newburyport Preservation Trust website.    Now this 200-member plus group doesn’t have all the resources.     


Hundreds on the Internet – entire books, lectures, videos – multitudinous organizations to check too from government to non-government.      The facts on how to research your historic house, restoration techniques, local Newburyport history, etc.

There is absolutely no excuse for people to puppet misinformation or politically-motivated pabulum when a vast resource of data lies before them.

Check out the website and I think you will be shocked and surprised at how readily available all this information is!

-P. Preservationist

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