Impressive to say the least!

PR WK 2013I’m not necessarily a male chauvinist (at least I don’t think so) but when I heard the theme this year was Women in Preservation; my eyes began to glaze just a bit.       I suppose it boils down to the same comparison when dealing with movies.     Men mostly want the action films complete with explosions and the excitement of impending danger.    And then in comparison comes the ‘chick flick’.         Both can be big box office draws (Titanic was just a giant chick flick) but they attract a whole different audience.    I suppose it depends on which sex is being dragged along by the other sex to see it.   

But as a student of history, you start to see women having huge impacts.    Often the men get the accolades but the women did all the work.  Overshadowed by men; they are more cunning and sophisticated in getting the job done.     History is chocked full of examples.

James Madison would have been nothing without Dolly Madison.    Turns out Edith Wilson ran the country (through clever deception) when President Woodrow Wilson had a paralyzing stroke.      That Albenia Boole, wife of Donald McKay, did the heavy-lifting of clipper ship design with her background in mathematics and shipbuilding; that Adolphus Greeley wouldn’t have ever come back from the arctic if his army wife hadn’t terrorized the Washington D.C. crowd into sending a rescue ship.      The examples go on and on.

I was shocked when the terrible atrocity of the Bushee Barn coming down didn’t reveal the fascinating work that Florence Evans Bushee did for not just Newbury and Newburyport but for the whole region.     In fact, it has been many women in the Newbury’s who have been daring in opening shops, actively working for improvements in the greater Newburyport area and running successful businesses that has caused us to be such a desirable place to live and visit.

It is not a coincidence that we have many women today who are actively working in cultural, ecological and historic preservation.

I don’t want to steal the thunder of so many interesting events and lectures and tours coming up this week – but I assure you as I videotape them; I won’t be having my male eyes glazing over!

It should be fascinating!

Here are the dates & descriptions to fit into your busy schedule.    Take my advice, try to get to as many as possible.    You won’t regret it.   

-P. Preservationist

PS.   I will be videotaping a few events in case you are unable to make them.

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