So how many are there?


If the plans go well, we should start to see the granite Clipper Heritage Trail markers being installed into the sidewalks in front of our more notable historic sites.

The plan is for our hard-pressed DPS to start putting them down in short order. And then, briefly afterward (about two weeks) the smart phone tags will be available for our visitors to swipe and get the full story right off the Clipper Heritage Trail website.

Hello 1764 Newburyport! Welcome to the 21st Century!

Talk about getting snazzy!

clip_image001One of my ardent readers, Yeat Boy, has offered a suggestion that it might be possible to add those stickers on the many historic house markers across the city. I have noticed some new ones appearing – basically peppered up and down our Newburyport Historic District.

Locals and visitors alike love to stroll down our lovely streetscapes in the evenings. They may not necessarily be in the mood for a formal tour but these brief notes of historical significance could easily satisfy an inquiring mind with a quick swipe!

But how many are there in the city? They are often put up by caring historical homeowners who have done the research on their own property and now they want to share the story.      More often than not, the current occupant understands the historic significance of their place and now wishes to preserve the local and national heritage for the Nation.    Many of the plaques record previously unknown stories not even recorded by the National Register of Historic Places!

The local anti-historic preservationists were trying to be real curmudgeons by claiming that people want to meddle into private property by calling themselves ‘Stewards’.     No, not on a legal sense, but if you discover the long line of prior owners, you do begin to understand as the most current caretaker, you have a shared responsibility to the community and to the Nation to take care in preserving these historic structures.

These plaques are unique!

Just keep in mind, someone with a new building can’t put one up.

Someone with a faux historic building will never display one

And if there is no real history behind the house, it is pointless to do one.

And those who are outside Newburyport better have a good reason to put one on!

This after all, is a special club and real history is the requirement.

And we need more of them!

I know for a fact of at least thirty homes with historic significance which presently do not display a plaque!

Will you join the club?

in the meantime, I would love my readers to send in pictures of these plaques – I would love to know how many are actually out there.

-P. Preservationist

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