It gets a bit lonely in there!

Don’t get me wrong.     It is fascinating standing behind the serving table in the John Marquand Room.      This room houses an exhibit that honors a Pulitzer Prize-winning descendent from one of Newburyport’s famous privateers.      

Never having read a single book of his, and hearing how much he used Newburyport as his setting; draws you to want to read his biography and start catching up with his novels.  But not being in that position at the particular moment and not sure what one can touch (after all, this IS a museum) I just stand there.

Every first Friday of the month, members and their invited friends come to the museum to hear a 15-20 minute lecture or a presentation or to be invited to inspect some aspect of Newburyport’s history; and each month a different port of call that one of clipper ships visited has its native foods explored.

Port Trade Routes

The closest thing out there to experience this kind of culinary adventure is New York’s prestigious Explorer’s Club.      Walt Disney created a humorous theatrical experience in Orlando called, The Adventurer’s Club echoing the former’s fame.

Our adventures are distant echoes’ of Newburyport’s version of the Explorer’s Club – The Newburyport Marine Society.     If you are lucky to visit tonight, check the first floor room to the left – it provides information on this long-ago organization.

But alas, it used to be said that people came to eat the food!      But now, more and more, they come to experience the fascinating history of our maritime past and to socialize with even more fascinating living souls who live in our community and are connected in some way with our maritime past and the sea.

And so, after the initial crush of people visiting the food tables, all I hear are the roar of conversation in the distance energized by excitement.      

It gets a bit lonely – “What am I missing in those other rooms!?!

Tonight, food from Manila and Cebu City in the Philippines will be presented.    Afterward, the Preservation Trust will be outlining the exciting events of next week’s Preservation Week.

Only members can come tonight…and those who are their ‘friends’.       Be sure to get your self invited so you won’t miss out.      Of course, joining as a member, you can then invite your friends!    Last month, the place was beyond capacity – be sure to get there by 6:00 sharp.

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to It gets a bit lonely in there!

  1. I was reprieved last night (caterer was very organized) and went out and met a lot of great people. Presentation was great and we had another full house. In fact, I was looking at most of the seats full and I knew there were still quite a few who were in the other room still chatting!

    Food was fabulous. I have a renewed respect for the Phillipine Cuisine! My memory and palate were thankfully cleansed from the horrible memories from the Route 1 Fleamarket in New Jersey with the crude Phillipine food stands.

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