Just getting started!

The Preservation Week events are coming up fast!       This year will reveal the important roles that women in particular have held in not just historic preservation in the Newbury’s but in our history as well.

And yet, I still hear comments here and there, “What is the Preservation Trust?” or, “What does the Preservation Trust do?”         

As you can see from the lineup above since their inception back in 2005 – THEY HAVE DONE QUITE A LOT!

Being the impatient type – I’ve been critical of the ‘Trust – not because of its existence or purpose but I want them to do more!      


We have so many still here who have some terrible misconceptions as to how our economy works!       Historic Preservation has been our boomtown!         Whether it’s our personal equities, the city’s tax levies, our real estate values or our heritage tourism economy;  everywhere you look, the New Old Newburyport is where the money is!

I hate to be so mercenary but its true!        Our citizens need to devote themselves to the fundamental goal, “Follow the money!”     The historic preservation path leads to culture, history, a high quality of life and a promise of most of the benefits spreading to everyone in the community.

Not to a select few exploiters and profiteers!

The Preservation Trust has covered quite a few theme’s over the years.

We have plenty important themes to stress in the future:

Themes like how you can be green and still preserve historic architecture!

Techniques on tackling the task of preserving these historic structures!

How to use historic preservation to up the equity and property values! (That’s me talking green trash talk again!)

The story of brick and masonry and its sometimes love/hate relationship with our city’s trees.

A Week on art and design and its impact on Newburyport.

A whole week on the architects and architecture that makes Newburyport, Newburyport!

How historic preservation is intimately tied to heritage tourism and our economy.

And I could go on…

Historic Preservation is a multi-faceted cultural & community phenomena.       I look forward to many more Preservation Week events in the future!

-P. Preservationist

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