A Central Theme

I realize that many in town who live inside the Newburyport Historic District want to customize their house plaques – but it is important to note that most of the world (for those few out there who have discovered Newburyport) regard us as Clipper City.     Our port though no longer at the international scale it once was, rings true up and down our historic neighborhoods.        Many businesses and craftsman who lived in our homes humble and huge were intimately tied to the sea directly or indirectly.

Therefore, I encourage you if you have a home with a significant history connected to it to use the general design below:


I have been very encouraged to see throughout the district, these plaques popping up in Joppa, the South End, the North End and yes, I have even seen them in the Back Bay.

Jenn Wright Signs has agreed to offer them in town – her quality of workmanship is well established with quite an impressive portfolio of local signage.       You are certainly free to use whomever you choose but I strongly endorse her business.       Especially in making sure the signage is professionally done and durable enough to survive our harsh winters.     If you find yourself with an original sign that is getting shabby, you can trust her to do a fine job.

Here are the details for contacting her.

If you are approaching this project for the first time; try to find the date of your house’s construction and some brief description that describes either who lived there, their occupation or some notable accomplishment or skill the former occupants possessed.   

Here is a link on how to research your house.

In this way, our visitors will get to catch the vision of our maritime past.


-P. Preservationist

PS. If you find the former occupants had some incomprehensible occupation – check out this site to see if their job was connected to the sea.

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1 Response to A Central Theme

  1. YEAT boy says:

    On of the things to consider, to position us for the 21st century, is expanding on the history of the house with more information than you can put on a normal sign: a website or blog on the Internet! Then include a QR (quick response) code in the lower right corner of the sign…most smartphones can read that and will immediately bring up the website with more info. Mine is here: http://wheelwright.us

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