They have no respect!

I am trying to figure out who ‘they’ are.

The developer and owner of 12 Oak Street didn’t take the hint that the historic house deserved a demolition delay and are hoping tonight the Historical Commission will reconsider and allow them to demolish the house because the architecture is not ‘distinctive’.

The Commission is charged to preserve the historical houses of Newburyport because of not just the architecture but the history behind the homes – much of which has significantly impacted our Nation’s heritage.

So the question lies – who will bend under pressure?

Will the Historical Commission abandon their charge due to legal and political persuasion?

Or will the developer finally get the hint that he needs to build a fine addition on the back of the house and in which he has plenty of ‘approval not required’ space to do so.     It is obvious as part of the New Gentrification, they care nothing about our history and are more than willing to trash the legacy for something ‘new’.   

Notice after seeing the original house, how similar the proposed new building is!     They just hate ‘old’.


So tonight will they finally get their way or will they finally take the hint the building is worth saving?

-P. Preservationist

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