Impacts on Moseley Woods City Park–Short Notice!!!

Chain Bridge Newburyport SideMoseley Woods City Park is hands down the most beautiful of our public spaces.      Watched over diligently by the Moseley Woods Commission, it is one of the first areas to greet our many visitors and really provides the ‘red carpet’ treatment (along with classy Atkinson Park) .     

The views are spectacular of Deer Island, the Chain Bridge and of the Merrimack River as well an upfront view of the John Greenleaf Whittier Bridge.      Once you are past the picnic tables and play areas – there is another section of the park that has ponds and trails and a wildness that is quite surprising considering it is wedged up against the super highway.

Moseley WoodsWith the upcoming expansion of the Bridge and the addition of lanes to Route 95 as well as the construction of the pedestrian path across the river, the park will definitely be in some ways impacted.      Some will be positive, others will be negative.      Joe Teixeira, Chair of the Conservation Commission, will lead a walk  through this area to point out the natural resources located there and  will bring maps showing where the new highway will be located.
If you have not already noticed from travelling south on Route 95, work as already begun on the walking path that will stretch from the bridge to the Park & Ride.       

This is a good time to be informed on the impacts to the park but also a great opportunity to ask some questions about Moseley Woods itself and to enjoy nature up close.

The date set for this walk is Sunday, April 14 at 1:30 pm. They will be meeting at the pavilion.    It’s suppose to be beautiful weather tomorrow – don’t miss this experience!

-P. Preservationist

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