Haste Makes Waste

I know that many use their smart phones and I-pads to access www.ppreservationist.com and some of the links don’t show up.      And others, in their haste; may focus on just the graphic icons that appear toward the top of the website.

But don’t forget that a whole range of links lie below:

They are key to being fully informed and can provide a vast amount of data on all things that concern Newburyport.

Concerning the many misstatements that I see on the editorial page of the Daily News; it is obvious, not many have accessed some of the vital links above.         Some are website pages but most are ‘cloud’ resources, easily downloadable documents.          

I admit I get angry and short-tempered when I speak to many in town who don’t even have a basic grasp of our city.       That is because I regularly check all these resources and know that my opinions aren’t fantasies from my fevered brain but are based on solid documentation.      

Not only look intelligent – use these links and be intelligent.*

-P. Preservationist

* Or you can be as so many are in town – asserting intelligence by ridiculing others and smirking in a most arrogant manner.       What can I say?     In this era of the low-information citizen – it works too!

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