The Fear is Palpable

It is interesting that the Planning & Development Committee has decided to have a special meeting tonight over getting some ‘old’ items removed from their pending roster.      

After discussing the Cushing Park issue, they want to remove the Storey Avenue re-zoning and the LHD ordinance proposals.       

These are distinctively two examples where city council has demonstrated an inability to take bold leadership on decisive issues.       The re-zoning could have provided open space free of charge to the city as well as ‘fix’ the present horror of Storey Avenue traffic; but the council fell apart because it became divisive.

The same thing occurred again when the local historic district ordinance came up for a vote.     The council gyrated and then crumbled because of the divisiveness of the electorate.

As Councilor O’Brien basically stated, unless everyone has universal agreement, then such measures should be defeated.       It is appropriate that I am citing this after hearing of Margaret Thatcher’s passing; when she, one of Great Britain’s greatest prime ministers, stated:

“Consensus is the absence of leadership.”

-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher

Several councilor’s have gotten upset at my call for leadership and the lack thereof.

But they are also very fearful at a great host of constituents who have witnessed City Council Club’s inability to protect our community.           This host is in a slow, deep burn and no matter what the Daily News thinks or what other issues may stir about; the voters haven’t forgot.     This attempt by a committee of the City Council Club is yet another way to get these things gone so no one can point to them as the preliminary election and November election approach.      

In politics, some things are easily forgotten with some passing of time.        But late 2012 is now burned in people’s memories.

Sure, try to use the morass of the Central Waterfront to distract the voters but they have not forgotten.         And one of them is to defeat Mr. Consensus – is anyone out there willing to run against him?         We need good people across the city who understand how Newburyport really works and who care about the city’s future to break up the status quo.

-P. Preservationist

Shipweck upon the rocks

Speaking of ships dashed upon the rocks let’s speak about buildings on the Waterfront – why are so many upset they will actually occur?      The NRA hired the same firm that Roger Foster used – with the exact same result.      Tall hotel buildings perpendicular to the street and surrounding the firehouse and they will have underground parking.     Foster found after his engineering study, the underground parking was too expensive and switched to valet parking all over the Downtown.    But now we also have new FEMA flood regulations and whatever surprise results from ground testing of the contaminated soil and the cost to clean it up.         Plus, after all the developers look at the history of the site; will they find anyone that foolish?      Let COW do their job of having a cow and the rest of us can focus on the true threats to our city!

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