We’ve got it back!

After these days of biting winds and a continuous turmoil of wintry conditions; I finally made it out to the Little River Trail System that covers the upper Common Pasture.     I went with some trepidation since the last time I went, there were piles of stone and rubble on top of the city’s Crow Lane.   Back then, slowly, protecting the car’s suspension; I Crow Lane Open IIcarefully navigated the deep ruts and came as close as I could to the trail entrance.      After a time of hiking, I counted myself fortunate to only come away with a mud-splattered fender and at least four tires still intact!

I returned yesterday and to my delight, the area just above the trail entrance was clear.      Gone were the great piles and even the ruts were subdued!       In their place was an area just wide enough to park the car.       I was very pleased to see that Crow Lane was solidly back in the possession of the citizens of Newburyport!Crow Lane Open

Now anyone wishing to enjoy accompanying their dog through the forest or birding or just enjoying communing with nature can now safely park their car.         Even the pathway down Crow Lane Nature Trail had been packed down flat making it easy to get down the steep grade.

Parking Area for Crow Lane Nature TrailIt is still debatable if the DPS can finally reach the trash pile at the top of the hill to cart it away but the way certainly seems a little more amendable than it was before.      Until they can get up there, I encourageJunk Pile I anyone taking to the trails to be a good citizen and grab something from the pile when returning to the car so we can get rid of this eyesore!    If we all do our part, the stack will be reduced down to just the biggest pieces in no time.

If you plan to tackle the system of trails, I invite you to check out this link which lists the individual paths so you can plan ahead accordingly.

-P. Preservationist

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