Make P.P. your home page

One of the first things you will discover (if you haven’t discovered this rude fact already) if you have moved to Newburyport – is the reluctance of the community to let you in on what is going on in town.     

It maybe just the way old New England communities are; but it can be depressing and a little maddening when you first realize that no one is standing there with open arms ready to hand you the key to the city.

And the Daily News likes to play along with this rather rude cultural twist.      Oh, sure; you’ll get a slice of events here and there but the whole picture?   fogettaboutit!    In fact, the first sign that a lot’s going on in town is the paper’s sudden fascination on what is going on outside Newburyport.    It is a guaranteed tipoff.   And most locals know that right after the comics (the educational section); you might (I stress might) glean something off of the obituary and police blotter page.        It’s been that way for decades and frankly I’ve given up hope it will ever change.

So – there’s my website:

In fact, if you hate my blog, you can use the website without ever visiting it.   I certainly won’t be offended.         I created the website as I convenience to myself so I could have access to all the different parts of the community for news and research.        Taken as a whole, it gives you a powerful snapshot.        

Everybody** is in there and I make a point of it!

You can use it to get the news from various sources, the government, the tide, the transportation links and the weather.    The impression that our community is peaceful and sleepy will quickly go away when you link to a huge bevy of government and non-government organizations all busily going about their business unfortunately in all different directions!        And your guests?     The visitors guide page will link you up with all the latest on great sites like Newburyport Guide and as well as powerful event guides as provided by the Chamber of Commerce and others.       You want tours?     That page is full of tour resources such as the Clipper City Heritage Trail.

On our ecology and culture and history, we have links to art galleries and museums and ecology sites like the the Parker River National Wildlife Center.        As for history, well – I’ve exposed a lot but there is more to discover – read along as I mine the lost history of our region!

Want to know the politics and who’s who and how to ‘fit in’ culturally?      Lord Timothy Dexter will be envious of you (He never successfully broke into the inside crowd) as you read the glossary and learn the unique culture of our community.     And learn, if you dare, who is who and why they are who they are, in not just my blog but all the other blogs that delve uniquely into Newburyport.         

I am furiously trying to make sure all my links work but can not always guarantee in this dynamic community.      If you do find one that isn’t working; let me know and I will repair it in 48 hours.*      

Tired of being left out?     Eyes straining to find out what is really going on in the Paper?       Ready to trade in your carpetbag for inside news?

Make the P. Preservationist website your home page.      Make it your launching site for real information!

-P. Preservationist

* The Newburyport Store and the Advertise Link are purposely inoperable until I have confidence they are done to the highest standards of business ethics.

** Unless you’re aim is to harm – the website is dedicated to enrich and preserve Newburyport.

“Not to know is bad, not to wish to know is worse.”

-Nigerian Proverb

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