The taxpayer needs to get a return on investment

The CPA has been a tremendous value for the taxpayers of Newburyport.      Considering at one point they were going to put housing and manufacturing sprawl all over the Common Pasture and our city hall had to have scaffolding around it so chunks of brownstone wouldn’t come crashing down on pedestrians’ heads; I’d say it has done its primary goal: community preservation.     In fact, it has done far more.       Our infrastructure has been literally been put on a shine throughout our city.

It is still opposed and resisted by those who, on a regular basis, would suck on the taxpayer’s dime; because it is designated funds.      Instead of bureaucrats, pet-project politicians and subcontractors with fingers dug deeply into the municipality; a board representing a wide, cross-section of citizens recommend through due diligence where the money should go.          This has made many a greedy-soul quite unhappy.

DSCN1418Some of them are lodged as members of the Masonic Lodge.        If a private organization takes money from the taxpayer, they are obligated to do two things: make their facility available to the citizens at least twice a year and two, place a preservation easement on the property which would be enforced by the Historical Commission.        If not willing, so sorry, no money.

The CPC made the mistake of giving the money to the Lodge on Green Street to fix their roof before the easement was put into place.        Now, the organization wants to gain a reputation that they can’t be trusted by reneging on the easement.       This due to some members who still oppose the CPA quite voraciously.        I’ve already posted my feelings about this.

Now on April 6th, on a Saturday, they are fulfilling their first of two obligations: hosting a tour of this historic 1928 building from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.       They will have some refreshments and a dedication of the new flagpole at noon.      There will also be some musical entertainment.

So please come – it should be a fascinating tour and getting a glimpse here and there of this private fraternal organization should be exciting.       The actions of a few should not jade the community toward all the good work that this organization does.

And you might as well get some benefit from your tax money!

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to The taxpayer needs to get a return on investment

  1. Kim Kudym says:

    The Masonic Temple already is open to the public for their monthly suppers. My family has enjoyed two already this year! They are fantastic and a great group of people that volunteer their time for a fun community gathering.

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