Will no one stand at the gate!?!

Jeremiah the Prophet was told by God to stand at the gate and to proclaim His message. (Jeremiah 17:19-20)       In Biblical times, this was the equivalent of city hall – where the business of government was largely conducted.

The prophet was sent by God to proclaim the message and to warn the people to change their ways to avoid being carried away into captivity.       He was not sent to the city’s refuge dump or to the residential section nor out to the fields – God put him in the nerve center so the message was clear and not filtered.

In Newburyport, when it comes to historic preservationists, we need the Champions to participate in government and to reach out with the clear message right where it counts.      Close to 500 boldly placed their names on the online and written petitions to support the local historic district and with that to affirm the important role of preservation in general in the city.

We need many “to stand in the gate” and to run for city council, school committee and  to sign up for the volunteer boards and commissions.     

Qualifications do not include being wealthy, having a flashy job, possessing fancy degrees or having a family dynasty; it does require someone capable of understanding how the city really works and to know the importance of protecting and sustaining our affluence.        Just because Newburyport is on top right now doesn’t mean we will stay that way – we have historically had many booms and busts.        It takes knowledgeable and wise leadership to keep the good times going.

We need dedicated candidates who possess the talent to not only take care of historic preservation in the city but are well-rounded on many other issues and have the talent to handle the complexity of budgets and personnel.


-P. Preservationist

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