Alert! – Protect the Common Pasture

Our beautiful Common Pasture is a real treasure – but it is often under tremendous pressure to be developed.        It is one of the last left in Massachusetts and it is often considered one of the most endangered in the Commonwealth.

It is responsible for giving Newburyport that European feel – as the cities there are tightly compacted surrounded by wide open spaces.      Many from across the pond get truly excited to find a metropolitan center in America that hasn’t fallen to the all mighty suburban ‘sprawl’.

One of the delights after coming home from the congestion of Greater Boston is to see this wide open space – it truly is restful to the eyes.      It also has many practical aspects such as providing a source for our water supply, preventing flood damage and it’s pristine condition protects the Great Marsh with its vast fish nurseries that feed in turn our fishing industry.

All this could be endangered – tomorrow night in Newbury at the Zoning Board of Appeals is a plan to cover this marsh land with solar panels in the small area that is under that town’s jurisdiction.      

Everyone and anyone whether you live in Newbury, West Newbury or in Newburyport – should take the time if possible to attend at the Newbury Town Hall at 25 High Road at 7:15 PM.        THIS IS NOT ANR (Approval not required) and should be looked at closely and fought if necessary if it will endanger our pristine views that so add to our high quality of life.

A copy of the application is available at town hall for inspection.

The applicant is Richard Kleiman, Han Solar LLC c/o Sage Stone LLC, 1 Adam Street, Milton, MA  02186.      

They want to put it in but they don’t have to look at it every day!!!*

-P. Preservationist

* I am a huge advocate for solar power but they belong on roof tops and on top of landfills – not chopping down forests to ‘save the planet’ or destroying precious marsh lands or pristine views that our homes are dependent on for high property values.       This should be stopped as it threatens our quality of life!

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