It’s not the booze or the food

Sure, they are present – but if you show up at the First Friday Friends Social at the Custom House (If you get invited or a member); the first thing you notice is the pure energy and excitement.      Once an attendee has stopped by to grab something to keep their hands busy, it is the stimulating conversation and the mood of discovery that takes over.      The museum is open to all guests and members and as they roam the exhibits,  docents and members, can point out and expand what the eyes are seeing new for the first time.    Having such ready-made guides present is priceless.

There we were standing behind the food table (Isa Cann & I) and most everyone else was in the next room – there was almost a small roar from the conversation.      

And of course, the conversation was not just in heady, historical subjects – Newburyport is a small city but we are packed full of the most diverse of characters – meeting them and exchanging experiences and ideas – is a powerful fuel that can empower and excite the mind.    

There are many in our New England city who have lived here for many years and yet feel like their outside looking in and just not getting it as to what is going on in our community.     

If you want to get the pulse of the city, come to one of these events.       Word is spreading across not just Newburyport but across the region as far as Boston and Maine and beyond as members bring to the museum their fascinating network of family and friends.

-P. Preservationist

PS. But members and their guests need to come early.     It was standing room only for many at the lecture and even a tougher time for late arrivals to view the guest speaker.   

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