Abandonment of Historic Preservation

I figured since it was one of the most popular posts I have ever produced that citizens and patrons would put enough pressure on Newburyport Development and Cathy’s Country Kitchen (dba 17 State Street Café) to restore the Fowles Sign.      Indeed, since it was originally intended to be preserved by previous owners and since it has become of our city’s signature landmark.

But instead, the owners put their money into special music and drawing the ‘cool’ crowd.

Fowles Sign Decay I

But now this dynamic duo seems to have compounded their lack of action with the demoralizing appearance of a decaying sign.

Not so cool now.

Fowles Sign Decay II

Our downtown is still unprotected and the cabal of councilors who think such preservation is tiresome can see for themselves how attractive our historic center has become.

Will we have a Potters town or will we return to caring about the source of our success – historic preservation?

-P. Preservationist

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