The Same Old Tune from a Classic Dark Sider

Ralph Ayers editorial today seemed like the same old tone that we’ve heard over the years – that building and construction will save the taxpayers money by obtaining revenue from new buildings.        As Jim McCauley (from Newburyport) pointed out, the only person who will get any real benefit will be the developer, after that, the city will only get a paltry 2% to 4%.     

Mr. Ayers claims the ‘silent majority’ would love to cover the waterfront with tax-revenue generating buildings.      His beloved ‘silent majority’ back in the 60’s and 70’s wanted to tear down the buildings!      It was the given mentality at that time powered by a populist mindset that proclaimed that downtowns needed a ‘clean sweep’ by demolition.

History has shown that it takes a vocal minority that pushes hard against the commonly-held mindset filled with sloganeering and incorrect facts (As we’ve seen from this recent historic district debate).

The dark side have pushed for years that the industrial park was going to provide great tax revenue and that magic word was bandied about, ‘jobs’.        Just drive by on a work day at the corner of Opportunity Way and Malcolm Hoyt Drive and see who gets the jobs.    And the following statistic shows the hollow promise of these dark siders.

Tax Resource

The majority of revenue comes from us the citizens who live here.

We’ve paved over two parks already in the last fifty years – now they want to pave another with buildings and blacktop and leave us with some landscaped lawns – and we will never get the open space back once it’s gone.

All based on a miserable empty promise.

-P. Preservationist

PS. For new readers, see the definition of a dark sider.

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