A Special Note!

With much gratitude, I thank everyone who showed up at the two fundraisers last night.     It would be too vain to think it was my singular urgings that brought out the people.      I am just hoping my notices and posts encouraged many others to spread the word among their network of family and friends and this glorious chain reaction brought forth this good attendance.

I like the style of fundraisers that we seem to host in Newburyport.     They smack of a Capitalist theme: two parties receiving mutual benefit through a transaction.      Happy bellies and taste buds along with great company and all the while in a painless way, good benefit to a worthy non-profit.      Even the restaurants benefit with full houses on slow nights making everyone a winner.

We’ve another one with that same style of fundraising coming up at the Mission Oak on March the 14th.    As you sip your wine and munch on light goodies – keep telling yourself how much you’re saving in future tax expenditures!    Invite out-of-town guests to help ‘ease’ that tax burden!    Their attendance should bring an extra big smile on your face!

-P. Preservationist

PS. An explanation for the low-information citizen: the March 14th benefit is to promote the new Newburyport Park Conservancy – I could spend many posts as to why this organization is important – just think – saving taxpayer’s and the city hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years maintaining our parks instead of being forced (years later after neglect) to replace the entire infrastructure!

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