Double Dating!

Today is an excellent opportunity to help two worthy organizations – one in which your participation will help in heritage tourism and one which assists  in eco-tourism and our quality of life.

But both are occurring at the same time!

One is a pleasant fundraiser for the Old South.      Just eat anytime today at Not Your Average Joe’s, present this certificate, and 15% will go toward up keeping the Old South where Rev. George Whitefield (pronounced ‘witfield’) who was partially responsible for the Great Awakening that prepared America for the Revolutionary War and set our country on a different course.    He is buried under the pulpit and thanks to his re-known; pilgrimages are made from all parts of the world to visit this most-historic spot.   

I must say that this restaurant has truly upped the ante on the quality of food it serves.     You will not only receive a fine meal but help a worthy cause at the same time!

But then there is the fundraiser for the Parker River Clean Water Association.     This group has championed for the Watershed that partially covers Newburyport’s historic Common Pasture.     Their advocacy has helped in part to preserve this open space and to champion for water quality, water supplies, open vistas and those who have no voice, our wildlife.       They do water-quality testing, fish counting, turtle hatching, vernal pool monitoring, invasive species eradication and the list keeps going.      Not only will you receive a fine meal at Amesbury’s Flatbread Company but special music will be provided.    All you have to do is show up from 5:00 on tonight.

Well, pick your date, invite a date or bring along your family and friends and help these two worthy causes.          

I’ll be at one of them!

-P. Preservationist

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