Giving them the tools to do the job!

If we are to succeed in delivering Newburyport from a rather demoralizing future, we need to give the vast majority of  historic property homeowners the tools to preserve their homes.

I’m the Poor Preservationist* and I venture that if given the assist with aides and tools and means of financing, the vast majority of Newburyporters are more than willing to restore their homes for the greater benefit of their city. (and of course, to enrich all our pockets!)      One of the first steps of course is education and the Preservation Trust is working hard to make sure that level of help is provided.    

But it’s not enough.

What we need is a culture that bucks the nationwide trend to mediocritize our society – so developers and homeowners know that it is the right thing to do and efforts aught to be done to preserve their houses and real estate.

I have just upgraded my Newburyport Preservation Craftsman Directory so it will be more easily usable.      If you have any suggested additions for it, please let me know!

A practical how-to reference book that is custom-made just for Newburyport is one important step and I am doing what I can to provide an online Newburyport Home Companion that will be available to all citizens.    Later, hopefully; I can publish it for local use.       Right now, as I build it; I am putting it in amongst my posts and inviting input as to how to improve each section.     I have already received some great advice and some excellent contributions.      I encourage my readers to keep ‘em coming.

-P. Preservationist

* Historic preservation can be done on tight budgets and using Yankee ingenuity!

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