It’s all about infrastructure!

You may have noticed my recent inclusion of two important fundraisers on my website,      I know, I know – everywhere you look there is another avenue for coughing up the cash!      So why have I chosen just these two?

Because it is all about our environment.      While we apparently have a host of ‘lower baser sorts’ (as the Bible delicately calls them) who have no care about how things look or how things are built – no comprehension of art and culture; the fact is our entire community depends financially on how things appear – whether ecologically or historically.     

Without the Old South and the beacon of light that can be seen out in the ocean: a vital piece of our national heritage would be lost forever.      People from all over the world come to this church to marvel at the tomb of Rev. Whitefield and the history behind the Great Awakening which was so important to the American Revolution and the American Psyche.

Our Common Pasture needs protecting – it is one of the last vital open spaces in the State and it is as much a part of Newburyport as the brick edifices downtown.       It ensures that we have plenty of drinkable water, that we are protected from encroachment, saves our farms and preserves that which is of great value in real estate – our wide open views.      Wildlife is preserved, flooding is prevented and the vista of cows (instead of another tract of suburban homes) refreshes locals and visitors alike.      The Little River and the Parker River flow largely pristine into one of the greatest fish nurseries in the world, the Great Marsh.

This organization is vital to keeping it all together and they do so much with so little money – consider what they could accomplish if we provided them more funding.

So please visit and obtain the certificate for the Not Your Average Joe’s or to schedule the date for the Flatbread Company.

So get some great food and help these two worthy causes at the same time!

-P. Preservationist,

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