A Citizen’s Duty

One of the obligations for a good citizen is to support a worthy organization in your community.       So many do but there is always a need for more to show support.     In an historic seaport community in which our heritage supports our cultural and economic quality of life; there are a few organizations that need to have a majority of the city give their heartfelt support.     They are the heritage tourism providers and the protectors   One is the Custom House Maritime Society, the other is the Historical Society of Old Newbury and the most important, the Newburyport Preservation Trust.      It aught to be almost obligatory socially to be at least a member of one these three organizations – and all the better if a member of all three.

It is their work that prevents us from becoming a cheap tourist trap and prevents our community from losing its way.      Can you believe it?      At one time, most Yankee Homecoming supporters and volunteers thought the festival was a Chamber attempt at getting people to come to the city and spend money.       It has taken our organizational anchors to remind us the festival is centered around the birth of the U.S. Coast Guard.    If you don’t believe me, go yourself to the Library archives and read in the Daily News articles whenever it tells the story of how the festival began.      

I’ll be highlighting more of each organization’s functions as they occur.      Right now, the Custom House is leading the way by having special lectures on several Sundays, 3:00 to 4:30 on three great men (there are of course many more) who hailed from Newburyport.

February 10th, Adolphus Greeley, Arctic Explorer and Co-founder of the National Geographic Society who was also a member of the New York Adventurer’s Club.

February 17th, Caleb Cushing, who’s magnificent house is the crown of The Ridge but was hardly lived in by him as he was very busy spanning the globe on diplomatic missions!

February 24th, Theophilus Parsons, Lawyer, Statesman who’s amazing influence greatly shaped the America we call our home but managed to be left out of the history books!

Be sure to join one of these worthy organizations – their important work helps to preserve our hometown and they deserve to be enriched by your participation and then enriched again by your talent.

-P. Preservationist

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