Watch the Abolitionists!

They have the money*, and they have the resources and above all else, they have the actors!     

Garrison StatueIt is one thing to see a statue of William Lloyd Garrison, the noted Abolitionist, that stands silent in our Brown Square and it is quite another to see him in this docu-drama, experiencing his challenges, seeing him speak and witnessing his weaknesses and strengths.         I walk past his humble birthplace just about every day on School Street and gaze on the many plaques that are posted Memorials on the side of the Garrison Houseon the side of this home.        They stand hollow as if a worn epitaph on a forgotten tomb.     And here in these videos,  I get to experience what great accomplishments were achieved that merited those memorials!

Once the series is completed, all three videos will be available on a DVD.      The value of this series instead of a documentary on just William Lloyd Garrison by himself, is to see his interaction and the powerful influence he had on the entire Abolitionist Movement and to place him in the appropriate setting in history – no more no less than where he deserved to be.

There are three statues in our city: George Washington at Bartlett Mall, the Union Soldier at Atkinson Common and William Lloyd Garrison at Brown Square.   

Watch and get a taste, (Chapter One of each week is online) and find out why this native son was so honored:

The First Episode of, The Abolitionists

The Second Episode of, The Abolitionists

The third part will be available next weekend on the PBS website and on this site.      There is also much more on the subject at the American Experience: The Abolitionists website.

-P. Preservationist

* Our tax money at work!

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