Historic Preservation as City Policy

Heritage Tourism is the direct result of historic preservation.      Heritage tourists are known nationwide to stay longer, spend more and to result in positive real estate blowback than any other type of tourist.        Our city has tried to take a diversified approach toward economic recovery from the dire days of the sixties by investing in manufacturing and in eco and heritage tourism.        Based on a 40-year results-oriented conclusion, heritage tourism is by the far the big winner.      Eco tourism is too seasonal and the new world economy has been too rough on our industrial base.       This while heritage tourism has caused our general populace to become more affluent and more sophisticated and the desirability of our historic neighborhoods has caused us to buck regional trends in real estate desirability.

Thus, the Chamber, the City and the general community need to have a city government that doesn’t laugh derisively at historic preservation but embraces it with total seriousness.         As we seek this year’s candidates that can help mold our community into a bright future, the following will need to be discussed as necessary to be enacted as city policies:

1. Historic District Signage.
2. New Building Inspector.
3. Public Restriction Tract Index
4. Rubber Sheeting
5. Archeological Ordinance.
6. National Landmark Status.
7. Sidewalk Maintenance Plan.
8. Utility Lines Undergrounding.
9. Demolition Delay Expansion.
10. Tree Commission Support.
11. LHD Expansion.

In the next eleven posts, we will cover the details of each.

-P. Preservationist

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