2013: The Year of the Historic Preservationist

No where in time have the groups of historic preservationists been more organized, been more talented and have more opportunities than now.       Never has the city been more in need of a coordinated, organized program for historic preservation.

Never have the stakes been so high.

If the country’s economy goes south, the desperate craftsmen and developers will be coming to Newburyport.

If the country’s economy has a sudden surprise spurt upward, the developers and financiers will be looking at our city for a quick burst of profit.

To avoid the wholesale exploitation of our city, some radical changes will have to come to pass:

The Planning & Development Office will have to be more oriented toward a dynamic form of preservation policy.

The Chamber will have to be more focused toward highlighting our historic assets.

The City’s appointed, elected and hired officials will actually have to take seriously the importance and necessity of historic preservation.       

It will take a major upheaval in our city.     In other words, no business as usual.

We can not be held hostage by minority voices that have self-interest trumping the benefits of the entire community.         Historic Preservation will be king by the end of 2013 or there will no longer be a prosperous Newburyport in the next decade following.

Therefore, this is the year.

-P. Preservationist

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