Last Week’s Invitation Night

Last week blew away any previous records when it came to last Friday’s event.       One of the major reasons it has blossomed has been the Chamber’s ability to get over the destructive psychosis of the last 30 years.

A mental disease based on the idea that Newburyport is just a sleepy backwater and perhaps worth a quickie day visit but that’s it.        It has translated into an inability to promote our city on a regional and national level.       

If you don’t believe me, just check travel magazines for the last, say, twenty years.    Watch travel shows.     Check travel journals at the Jabberwocky.       The ‘fixed’ idea has been to think Newburyport is nothing ‘special’ and hardly a destination city.

Well, Ann Ormond and her crew are finally overcoming this self-destructive trend and has actively promoted us BIG TIME.      

And it has made a difference.

Instead of seeing the same old local crew and a couple of visitors from adjacent towns; we’re seeing people who have never been here or have never experienced our sights.

And it has caused a new fervency and a renewed excitement.     Of course, the fact that a lot of these new visitors have loads of cash in their pockets also helps a lot.        Locals know that living so close to New Hampshire and being so far from busy Boston hasn’t lead to a lot of local wealth.      Bringing in all age and economic levels from afar does what heritage tourism is really all about.

Last Friday was the evidence and tonight will be the affirmation!

-P. Preservationist

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