Taking Cover

The nice thing about having the Daily News list the councilors who are against the LHD – it makes it rather ‘official’.

One of the oddities of politics is the phenomenon called obfuscation. You must never be the one that indicates what is really going on in the real world. If you do, you as the messenger become the bad guy for revealing what most people already knew anyway!

If I made a list of those councilors who were against the local historic district ordinance; all hell would break loose. Now that the ‘journalist’ has said it, now we can get on with what can be done about it.

As I have indicated previously, now is the time to start seeking candidates who can replace those who have utterly failed to understand the new realities of a heritage tourism-based economy. They’re actions will undermine our high quality of life and rock-solid equity and property values.

We don’t need to replace all five as listed today, just enough to adjust the council from gridlock to a positive move forward on issues that will benefit Newburyport.

It need not be a matter of bitter politics, but rather the recognition that we need elected representatives that are not living in the old ‘economy’ of the sixties and seventies’ Newburyport.

It is hard work but worth the effort to secure our future.

In Gloucester, they initially defeated the CPA as the ‘old-timers’ thought of a city that supported the fishing industry. But with education and political activism, the need for such an historic preservation program was impressed on the new Gloucester and when the next cycle came, it passed.

We’re here, as God permits,for the long haul! The local historic district or districts will become a reality in our city.

-P. Preservationist

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