What WAS that!?!

It was like watching an alternate universe on Monday night – all of a sudden, the city councilors were actually working out an LHD and doing amendments and compromises and almost reasonable discussion.    

For a quarter of The Ridge?

Excepting Lord Sith, who at least can be said is consistent, it can now be stated (Except for Councilor Derrivan who couldn’t attend) that ‘everyone’ present voted for a local historic district.


This is supposed to appease the historic preservationists?     This is supposed to appease the anti-historic preservationists?

Apparently it has worked to some degree – those ghastly blood red signs are slowly disappearing around the city.

Unfortunately, the battle has just begun and the war far from won and there are so many questions?

How do the other supporters on The Ridge who reside on the other end of the hill get added to the small section that is tentatively created?

What kind of LHD Commission is being created?

How can others be added to the district or districts?     

What is the process by which more local historic districts can be created?

Will we see another district for the downtown?

The fact is that all the council has done has confused the heck out of most of us!    They have managed to kick the debate down the street and now extended it firmly into 2013.

The question will be, who will be the new city councilor?     Will they put in a pro or anti-LHD candidate?     Just like the ugly compromises made before the Civil War, the rosters will be counted and no one will be happy until one side or the other wins completely.

Be assured, as soon as the merry mood passes with the holidays; more tough sessions are ahead.

-P. Preservationist

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One Response to What WAS that!?!

  1. Ari Herzog says:

    Study committees must be created in the future for any homeowners who want to create their own LHDs. That’s how I understand it.

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