Don’t miss this!

Invitation Nights are a wonderful time to invite friends and family to the downtown.     But it won’t be a super special evening if you manage to pass on by the Custom House.

They are having a repeat (but absolutely original) of last year’s theatrical show.    It only lasts ten minutes but first, you get to see the wonderful museum and then see a performance that reminds us all of our maritime port and how important our city was to our nation.

It is called Voices of Christmas Past: Newburyport Mariners on the High Seas.     You will get to hear the actual log book writings from our captains of old.

Another neat treat is the availability of tasting what only members of the museum and their invited friends are allowed to have: the cuisine provided by Sheila Mullins.       As you have already probably heard around town, she has been exploring the cuisine of port cities that Newburyport ship captains visited all over the world.      And the culinary trips have been eye opening as authentic foods have been tried and enjoyed.        Now everyone in town can take a taste!

-P. Preservationist

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