I was watching with amusement as Dick Hordon, the leader of the anti-historic preservationists stood up and spoke very civilly before the last city council session.    He stood up as if to say, “Look what a good boy I am, all cleaned up and nice.”

I’m sorry but I’m not buying it – especially when I found out the most recent outrage from this group.      First, it was lies (the fifteen lies document), then intimidation, then misinformation, then in-your-face ugliness with their huge semi-permanent signs and of course, we can’t forget the vandalism and threats of last summer.

But their latest attempt, character assassination, has been conducted below the radar of public notice.      Since they don’t have any facts to base their attacks on LHD’s; they have now begun to start a campaign of slander against the Historical Commission.     

You see, their whole campaign is based on absolute distrust of fellow-citizen volunteer boards.     If they can show the NHC has been doing a terrible job, then they can justify their hatred of a future re-constituted Historical Commission composed of fellow citizens.

They have had their group slander the Commission before the city councilors and before the Mayor.    To reinforce this fiction, they have allied with Lord Sith who submitted an odious and vicious ordinance into the council’s roster that claims to put a stop to the so-called abuses.        

They have directed most of their venom against two members: Linda Smiley and Tom Kolterjahn.       

The only problem is, it is lies (Sounds familiar doesn’t it with this group!)    I have personally sat in dozens and dozens of meetings with the historical commission.      They are extremely sensitive, diplomatic and agonizing careful in their deliberations.      Most of the applicants come in are either ignorant, sometimes arrogant or in most cases, confused and the commission led by Linda Smiley bend over backwards to help them go through the process.     These commissioners are very faithful to be consistent in applying preservation principles.

We need these two people in particular to be members of the new Historical Commission to help in the transition process with their experience.      The anti-historic preservationists want to chop off at the neck a successful and wise leadership from taking a seat in our city’s future!

We certainly can’t vote on the LHD but we can send letters to the Mayor and the Councilors to stop this character assassination.     Especially send them to Mayor Donna Holiday.    The Mayor nominates candidates for volunteer boards and if she only hears accusations and lies then she will base her actions on the input from these anti-historic preservationists and their evil campaign will be successful.  

If it is successful, it will put a chilling effect on getting citizens to field our volunteer boards (who don’t get paid by the way!).      Who will be next if someone doesn’t like them?     Planning Board members?     Conservation Commissioners?      Our zoning board?     Others?

We need to put a stop to this latest community outrage!

-P. Preservationist

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