A Dickens’ Christmas!?!

Now when I picture that kind of a holiday celebration; I’m envisioning buildings much like we have downtown.     I’m also happy to know that carolers will be spreading their cheer throughout our city.      The cold will only enhance the red cheeks of revelers and shoppers as they experience our wonderful Invitation Nights. (Dec 7, 14)      And yes, spirits will be visiting many of our fine establishments aiding in the consumption of fine meals in our historic establishments.

I mean when I think these thoughts, I actually am cheerful.

But alas, there is the ‘other’ Dickens’ Christmas.        We’re not talkin’ about Father Christmas here.       Yes, the epitome of the scowl and filled with bitterness.      Ebenezer Ebenezer ScroogeScrooge and his followers.      Due to the LHD issue still not being resolved, we will get to experience that side all through the holidays.        Lord Sith and Councilor Jones keep saying they have never seen such acrimony in the community.      And whom exactly is generating this bad behavior?

But before I cover tomorrow their latest outrage, I wanted to remind you of upcoming events that reflect our historic seaport in a positive manner.

I mean just take a look at the Chamber’s lead picture!      If that doesn’t bring a festive mood to you than perhaps you would like to join the grumpy group?      What people don’t realize is this event is what Newburyport is all about!      People will bring their friends and their relatives here many for the first time; only to see them caught in our happy snare!

When experiencing the next two Friday nights, don’t forget to visit the Custom House which will be doing something very special those evenings and the Newburyport Art Association.     I also might add that many of the shops will be doing special mini-events along with being open and inviting.

And then there is the mega-house tour on December 8th! (This matches nicely with the mega-house and garden tour by the Historical Society next year!)     A great experience that was such a smashing hit last year, it caused a major traffic snarl. (Don’t worry – just try to park sensibly when visiting each home.)

And I won’t even get into the lovely concerts and art exhibits and shows this year at the churches and galleries and our historic Firehouse Center for the Performing Arts.    

Don’t let Ebenezer ruin this holiday and whatever you do stay away from the ‘other’ guy who epitomizes the desire to turn our beautiful historic seaport into a bawdy over-commercialized Potters town, the one and only Mr. Potter.

Mr. Potter

-P. Preservationist

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