It is rather apparent

I laughed out loud at the brief editorial today by Michael Sales – and even more over the commenters posted on the online Daily News.

They anti-historic preservationists and especially their radical Libertarian wing are trying furiously to convince everyone in the community that the vast majority of citizens are all on board with their extreme views of absolute property rights.

And yet, if the recent election results are evident (and I am referring true to my self-imposed discipline of only talking local issues) the vote tallies reflect a different picture entirely.       On the Presidential side, I was happy being a Republican to see that the differences between the Republicans and the Democrat choices was actually not too extreme.       But the vote differences between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown and between Ives and Toohey revealed a considerable chasm.         There was also an aggressive campaign on the conservative side to do a right-in vote for Bill Hudak during the primary.        Guess how many votes Hudak got?     Ten.       That’s right, ten.

They may be big on the talk radio circuit; and loud and obnoxious on the online newspapers but their representation in the general public is actually quite small.     They are of course trying to make up for it by being loud and obnoxious and this to me seems to be the tip off.

I firmly believe that the majority of citizens in Newburyport ‘get’ what our city is about and that, as the paper’s editorial stated, “The downtown is the economic engine whose restoration in the 1970s set the city on the path to its current prosperity.”      It makes sense to protect the historic district which has spread its wealth all the way to even our surrounding communities.       The anti-historic preservationists can do what they will to shout the facts down but as Winston Churchill said,

The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.

-P. Preservationist

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