Who is going to crawl back into their cave?

There are two interesting groups of people in Newburyport.      One group was extremely apathetic, didn’t hardly vote, couldn’t even tell you who was mayor and often few would even step inside City Hall.       Worst of all, they knew nothing about any major issues in town nor really wanted to know.

The second group are the historic preservationists.      They were ‘afraid’ of making waves, of offending people and even dabbling into the dirty affair of politics.      They spoke meekly, didn’t even have a good grasp of preservation principles and had about an authoritative will of a wet noodle.        And were absolutely, irrationally afraid of anyone who opposed them.

Both were hiding in a cave of their own making.

In the last year, the historic preservationists have decided (Good Grief!   It’s about time!) to crawl out of their ‘cave’ and start being politically involved and active in the city.    Unfortunately, the former group has also decided to come out of the pitch darkness of apathy.       Unfortunately, they came in the shape of Libertarians and ill-informed citizens.       Regardless, they came out and in great force.

As it has turned out, both are diametrically opposed to each other – in fact, it appears to be more of a case of matter-anti-matter – neither are budging over the future of our community.     

I’m afraid that it has increasingly become apparent that one or the other will end up crawling back into their ‘cave’.

For the sake of a promising future, let us hope the anti-historic preservationists are the ones calling it quits.      

It is make or break – which side will retreat? – only history not yet made can tell!

-P. Preservationist

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