Last Minute Review

I thought I would provide some videos to watch on the local historic district ordinance.      Considering we’ve had city council committee sessions, information Sessions, Q & A forums, public hearings and more public hearings; it would be nice to present every opportunity for the citizens of Newburyport to be informed.

And I realize how incredibly naïve it is but it is the right thing to do.

Back in the Sixties, the Roman Catholic church was under a lot of pressure to allow its members to have free access to the Bible.     Before then, it was the official policy that the Bible was not to be read on one’s own volition.     They were deeply afraid that such access would cause sects and schisms to occur.       But they went ahead and with great trepidation issued forth that it was alright to read it.

They needn’t have worried.         

People, even with an open opportunity to do so, simply do not read the Bible.      

And the same thing goes with political issues.     They want a short summation and they simply don’t have the time or don’t want to make the time to be fully filled in with the facts.    It is so much easier to get anecdotal updates from friends, neighbors and relatives rather than get the pro’s and con’s on a difficult issue.     Even in this Internet age!

The anti-historic preservationists have used crude political threats, deception, in-your-face diplomacy, lies, misinformation and sloganeering; all for the intent of destroying any ability to protect our beloved city. Unfortunately such ‘fooling’ of the people works or people wouldn’t be doing it!

Regardless, it is with hope that everyone who really wants to find out the facts can have easy access through the following avenues:

The Local Historic District Study Committee website

The Actual Proposed Local Historic District Ordinance

The Newburyport Preservation Trust website page on LHD

The P. Preservationist Blog (Type in LHD in the search function)

The Newburyport Blog (Type in LHD in the search function)


LHD Forum, City Hall Auditorium, March 19th, 2012

LHD Q & A, City Hall Auditorium, March 26th, 2012

Planning & Development Committee with the Committee of the Whole

To avoid being overwhelm, I would pick and choose just a little bit for absorption’s sake!

I might suggest starting off with the Q & A and then watch City Council Session and then wrap it up with choosing a blog site. (They often link with other blogs for a well-rounded viewpoint!)

-P. Preservationist

PS.   City Councilors are asking for comments on Monday night that will add helpful information that the councilors do not already have.        Considering everything that could be said about this ordinance has practically been said; it will be a hard one to fulfill.     Of course, in their usual M.O. the anti-historic preservationists will just get up and garishly repeat their same old slogans and threats wasting everyone’s time!     

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