Arguments based on Absurdity

It is bad enough that the anti-historic preservationists started off with a lie (property rights are being ‘taken’ away) and then reinforced that with a document that contains fifteen lies; and to compound that lie with more lies and misinformation.

But they took all those petitions that were empowered by their deception and added examples across the country of local historic districts that have had ‘problems’.

This is supposed to encourage the city councilors to vote against the LHD because of difficulties encountered across the nation.

This is an argument based on absurdity.

Could you imagine anyone presenting a ‘notebook’ on the problems generated due to corrupt town and city governments?     Or a catalog of all the police departments that are corrupt.       Or, a compounding of scandals caused by elected leaders across the country?

And then to urge the readers to respond by urging the disbanding of municipal governments or to urge the dissolving of the police departments?       Perhaps examples of corruption in our military ranks will urge us to close the Pentagon?

Of course it is ridiculous!       

The reason that our local historic district study committee worked for five long years was to take the lessons of other similar communities with local historic districts and to write in measures to prevent abuse and confusion!        They have taken the concerns and inputs from local citizens to ensure that we can avoid as much as possible difficulties that have occurred.    

They have done good diligence in that task and I am very confident that the end result will be a fine ordinance that will protect the core infrastructure of our historic district while protecting the rights of homeowners.

It will be up to the city councilors to amend and compromise and tweak this ordinance but they will be doing it understanding that our community needs protection.         One of the fundamental roles of government is ‘To Protect’ and the LHD does a fine job of protecting everyone’s rights in the historic district while preserving the very thing that gives our community such a high quality of life.       

The city councilors need to do the job of protecting our community and not leaving it wide open to denigration and exploitation!

-P. Preservationist

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