The Spouting off has ended (Thankfully!)

It has amazed me that people have been so daring as to spout off brazen lies on the editorial page or to demonstrate to the public their ignorance with incredible fabrications of fantasy as in today’s editorial.

Apparently national politics has infected our local politic; it is no longer a discussion of issues with pro’s and con’s – it is all about fooling enough people to go along with your side.     It doesn’t matter if you lie, or deceive, or demagogue an issue; it’s about passion and intimidation.        Perception becomes reality and that is all that is important!

The local historic district ordinance is based on Massachusetts General Law 40C.     It is not subject to some designer option or to the weird idea of ‘libertarian protection’.

It is law – it allows a local community to protect their most valuable asset in historic properties.        And if any city or town has a right to protect them it is Newburyport.

We have a group of citizens who are pretending to be concerned with historic architecture but want the right to desecrate that architecture or to have someone else freely desecrate it.     

Can you imagine someone building a beautiful mansion filled with expensive furniture and ornate fixtures and a fully-equipped kitchen?      You would think they would put in a home security system and to make sure all precautions are made to prevent a burglary or a home invasion.       No one would dream they would leave the front door open night and day or to invite others to come in the house as they please! 

And yet that is exactly what the anti-historic preservationists want us to do!      Our city was in dire straights and with our ahead-of-the-times thinking, preserved the downtown and imposed an LHD-like restriction.      The ripple effect from historic preservation, which is well-documented across the nation, literally transformed our community and made us into a regional envy.

And these anti-historic preservationist citizens are asking the rest of us to walk away from that success and become like any other town.      

We need to protect our historic district so that the stable tax levy’s, high equity yields and secure property values not mentioning our incredible high quality of life that we have come to expect will be there now, and in the future.

Do we listen to a bunch of delusional reactionaries or do we protect the very thing that makes Newburyport unique and prosperous?

We will watch tomorrow night and see what our elected leaders decide amongst themselves! (There will be no input from the audience)       I encourage everyone that wants to protect the ‘beautiful mansion’ that is Newburyport to show up and let our leaders know by our presence that we want our treasured assets protected!

-P. Preservationist

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