Did you miss me?

It may seem to some that I may have had a stroke on Election Day and was unable to move a pinky to write a post but the real story is just as odd!     And no, I was not sabotaged by some computer virus that paralyzed my home computer.     Nor was it some angry anti-historic preservationist out sabotaging my system.     

And no, it wasn’t Comcast or Bill Gates’ Microsoft or any such obvious thing.

And as for the voting, I was actually quite happy being pro-life and pro-family; that Richard Tisei didn’t get in – what shocked me was Miracle Worker Ives!     What else will she manage to do?     Run (and probably win) for Governor!?!

No, I was sabotaged by all things by the manufacturer of my home computer.      On the very day of the elections, it decided to download an ‘upgrade’ and the end result – most all of the communication drivers were wiped out!

So, I am back and ready to continue my efforts to enhance and preserve Newburyport through the proliferation of facts and history and pictures about this wonderful place we call home.

After going down this evening and standing next to my wife at Joppa Park and gazing out at our beautiful harbor with the waterfowl below murmuring on the water and then looking back at our lovely historic district; it is all worth the efforts of all of us to preserve, protect and guarantee our special place has a future.

I’m back and I’m sparring for a fight!

-P. Preservationist

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