Second Biggest Event in Newburyport Threatened

Talk about a gate crasher!      Hurricane Sandy is trying to muscle into our city’s Halloween celebration.       The Mayor has reassured everyone that can be contacted that all is to proceed as planned but to be ready if some pushy broad decides to muck it up!

Halloween Activities

Halloween Activities will continue to be scheduled for Wednesday Oct 31st at 5pm
In the event we experience continued bad weather from the upcoming storm beginning this Monday, Halloween Actives will be rescheduled for Thursday November 1st at 5pm instead.
Please check back on to the City Website for updates should weather dictate us having to move it to Thursday.

Donna Holaday

I’m hoping the worst will be over by Wednesday morning.      Last year’s early flash snowstorm really put a dampener on the celebration and I would hate to see that repeated this year also.

I’ve written before how important this event is in Newburyport and you can read about it in this post.       

-P. Preservationist

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