Protect Your House, Protect Newburyport

Let’s say you have a beautiful home with four bedrooms, a full-size kitchen and you fill it with expensive furniture.     You mount a large flat screen television on the wall and have the latest computer toys from Apple.      In the bedroom, authentic jewelry is kept in a drawer.       Better yet, you have your precious family living inside this lovely home.

Would you then leave the front door unlocked?      Would you open wide the windows so anyone can enter in that way?    

Of course not; you would lock up your home and make sure the latches are secure on the windows!         Your basic common sense says to protect your home.

Newburyport is a gem.     It’s streetscapes take the breath away –and the downtown Federalist-style buildings are awe-inspiring.    The lovely streetscapes in the North End and the South End make them highly desirable.

It is basic common sense that we need to protect our beautiful city.

Leaving the front door wide open is not only crazy, it is absolutely stupid.      

-P. Preservationist

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