A brief recap of tonight’s meeting

I will slap myself next time I find myself complaining about public apathy!    We finally have something that really catches the public’s fascination and out come the lunatic fringe.  I could respect the anti-historic preservationists who were disciplined and on message and of course, applauded those who spoke in support; but toward the end of the evening, my eyes were uncontrollably rolling.

It amazes me when people display their ignorance in public and expect to be respected.     Or, when they go off on crazy tangents such as, for example,

“I hate Martians and if this has anything to do with Martians, then I hate it too!”

As if the city councilors would nod their head in agreement.    

Of course, I was glad I taped it!     Just to be in the same room when Mary Haslinger, that fiery pistol, fired off was well worth enduring the crazies.         

Unfortunately, and fortunately, my video chip ran out of memory toward the end and so you’ll actually miss the most weird testimony.      

The Mayor had a great little speech at the beginning of the meeting.     You could really put that in your quotable quotes! (I hope the Daily News doesn’t mess up re-iterating it!)      I will gladly transcribe it later from the video.     She called for calm and for compromise.

What I don’t think the city councilors or the Mayor is getting; these anti-historic preservationists really want no historic preservation – they want the whole success story of the last 40 years dumped so they can have a Libertarian town like…Seabrook.

There will be no compromise with them.        

The sooner the city councilors understand that, they can then understand how really important and frankly scary their final decision will be:  

Kill our history and kill our future or celebrate our history and protect our future.

Their call.*

-P. Preservationist

* They get a lousy stipend (unlike Boston city councilors) to get the privilege of being in this tough position.       

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