It’s about the document.

Okay, we have an interesting situation that is about to loom before us on Thursday night.     The Planning & Development Committee will be deliberating about the document.

That’s right.     

The Document: The Local Historic District Ordinance

Every input from the public must be about the document.     

So think about this!       The anti-historic preservationists haven’t read the ‘Document’ because they simply want it to go away.       

So, my question is, “What are they going to say when they are given 2 minutes each!?!

This is going to be very interesting.      I wasn’t planning on it, but this is going to be worth taping!

And for you ‘preservationist’ out there, you better get cracking on it before Thursday!    For that matter, everyone better get crackin’ on it because the councilors are tired of all this pontificating.     

They want something that has to be about the document.

So here’s your homework assignment:

This is going to be potentially hysterical!      I’m charging my camera now.

-P. Preservationist

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