Our Best Kept Secret

You’ve seen the cartoon where the gangster has his secret hideout and when you look, there is flashing neon signs and arrows pointing; well picture that when it comes to the Trails of Newburyport.       We all know that our city is a great walking town, street after street but few know that we have an incredible collection of walking trails that surrounds our city.     I have posted them on a handy page.

We had the trail walk to introduce the Little River Trail System this last Saturday.    Our group was small but consisted of a good cross section of the community – because it was officially announced, we could not take some of the trails that go on private property – some you cross from public to private and back to public but nevertheless not a good idea.      I invite you (unofficially of course) to explore these amazing trails and you will begin to realize how important it is that they be preserved.

Bill Plante, who was once a member of the Newburyport Area Industrial Development group, was able to get to see what the city has done with an area that was once contemplated for factories.      We were all treated with a small herd of deer with their white tails held high crashing through the underbrush.       It still amazes me the diversity of wildlife that is able to thrive wedged in between Route 95 and Low Street.

I invite locals and visitors to visit the trails, especially the Little River System, and see what so many in town have missed out simply because they know nothing about them.

It is a real treat!*

-P. Preservationist

* The recent cold snap has killed off many of the dangerous mosquitos that hang about the wetlands.      Nevertheless, be sure to spray yourself down before entering the forest.

Little River Trail System

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