History Wars Confirmed

After reading the bio on Dick Hordon, my continuing conclusion on the intent of the opposition group has been completely vindicated.

They claim they like “Old Newburyport” but they actually hate it.

Ever wonder why I refuse to call them the “Anti”-LHD Group” but insist on calling them the “Anti-Historic Preservationists?”

They don’t mind if the building inspector is snooping around their homes checking to make sure their toilet is the right distance from the sink, nor do they mind the zoning and planning boards providing conditions if they do renovations or additions.

Nor do they mind local ordinances that impose restrictions.

But they do mind if any dictate is based on historic preservation?

“It’s my opinion that the joy of owning my antique home would be forever compromised and overshadowed by the ambiguous rules, regulations and oversight of a committee of enthusiasts who would be forcing their idea of historic preservation on me.”

-Dick Hordon, “LHD invades on property rights”

A local historical commission would be using guidelines dictated by the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation.    

It is these dictates that the “Anti-Historic Preservationists” object. 

Even though our present city’s condition was brought about by the forward minded citizens in the past and our property values and present regional leadership are all secured by our Heritage Tourism; this group wants to cast off our success and turn us into…a Seabrook.

They want no historic guidelines

No historic protections

And they want no restrictions to protect our historic neighborhoods and streets from inappropriate renovations and demotions”


They want nothing else but a war on history. 

Will we give in?

-P. Preservationist

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