Mad Hatter Time

mad_hatterThis political season has brought out participants that make it hard for the rest of us to stay sane.   

Apparently if you think you are something but you’re not; it’s okay because you thought you were that way and therefore your sincerity makes you right.    

Other advocates are proclaiming that since their goal that they are seeking to achieve is worthy then what does it matter if you lie, cheat and steal (and even murder) so that political achievement is made as long as your intentions were good and you felt very sincere about it.       

And yet another group, very committed to their political agenda; want to hide facts, proclaim false science, re-write history and twist statistics; which is fine as long as it advances their political ideology – reality be damned!

Yes, it’s crazy time.

I suppose that Hollywood is partially to blame.     They have been able to create total believability in complex alternate universes with only their budgets to limit them.   

It amazes me on man’s ability to create and make worlds as involved as J.R.R. Tolkien’s but the inability to distinguish the real world and fantasy is very troubling indeed!    

Yes, it’s crazy time.

Unfortunately, we have seen it happening right here in Newburyport.      We have tooMad Hatter Hat many in town who have decided to become like the Mad Hatter and it’s not even Halloween yet!      I recently sat in the city council chamber and heard crazy statements based on nothing but emotional conviction.     

We’ve got people believing that in America, nobody can tell you what to do and these same mad hatters are going to make sure such a trend doesn’t get started. (What world are they living in?  Do they work?  Have they ever owned a piece of property and dealt with zoning?  Have they ever driven a car?  Etc.?)

Another group believe in sacred property rights.    An absolute right to do what they want and no one can take away their property or make any laws that concern their buildings or lands.  (Oh would that it were!  Then one could build a factory next to someone’s house or put a landfill next to their home if the property owner so chose as it’s their absolute right to do with their property as one sees fit.)

Another group has elevated the word, LHD, into the same level as ‘Tyranny’ and ‘Communism’! (Even though it is a proven zoning method for preserving and protecting neighborhoods, is instituted into Massachusetts law and has long been legally vetted.     Plus, the benefits from doing the ordinance is substantiated from history and has benefitted thousands of communities across the United States.)     

Then we have another group that believe that the present condition of Newburyport is the way it was in the past and no matter how many photographs  you shove in front of them on how our city looked and how financially broke we were ; you simply can not convince them.   And the incredible fact that historic preservation in the LHD-similar HUD restrictions caused the present condition of Newburyport!)

I could go on and on on the incredibly detached-from-reality statements being made locally.   

My real question is, “How many of our city councilors have decided to sit down with the mad hatters?”     And if the answer is what I suspect, “What will it take for them to have a dose of reality?”

-P. Preservationist

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