Time to put away the party hats

noise makersJust a short note that after Saturday, the noise makers and the party hats will need to be put away until after the local historic district ordinance passes the city council.      The History Wars are on and it may end up becoming as many sequels as the science fiction version.      

I have really been enjoying doing historical posts about Newburyport and talking about the important aspects of our thriving heritage tourism industry.       I’ve been delving deep into the socio-economic setup in Newburyport, the current trends for our Downtown and what needs to be done to juice us up as an economic powerhouse for the region.      Our city is in the wonderful unique position to be prosperous even as New England and the surrounding towns may end up dipping into a recession.         That is why the developers and historically-ignorant outsiders are beating a path to our town!     It IS where the action is and, thanks to our Newburyport Historic District, a stable and safe place for investment.

Unfortunately, we have a determined vocal minority who want to kill our prosperous future.

Thus, it’s back to the battle ahead – and no, Councilor Herzog, there will be no compromise with the anti-historic preservationists – they want us to be a Seabrook or a Danvers and they will not be happy until that dreary future is set before us. 

The Mayor and our elected leaders will have to stop dancing around and hoping that this whole issue goes away or settle down.      They will have to boldly take sides and suffer the consequences.      That is called, “Doing the right thing.”

The longer this thing drags on, there will be no quarter.       We can look into the future and see Portsmouth or we can see Haverhill and no in between.      Keep in mind, if we lose the protections of our city, the developers will be swooping in fast and furious until there is nothing left and just as quickly when they are done destroying our city, they will swoop out and be gone.      There are hundreds of communities that have suffered this fate and to think we will be an exception is pure fantasy.

The War is on starting Sunday.

-P. Preservationist

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