Our ‘Scribe’

Dyke Hendrickson of the Daily News is charged to cover everything of newsworthy note in Newburyport.     He has decided to write more in an editorial style and has given to calling himself a scribe.      

I’ve been critical of him for injecting subjective opinions into something that is supposed to be news but I’m certainly not critical of his new moniker.

Ancient scribes were the recorders of all the activities of the community.     It is mostly their unerring diligence to record ‘everything’ that allows modern scholars to have an intimate look into the ancient world.      If a war or a great national achievement occurred, they were there; dutifully recording it.      Even mundane events and endless court and legal records were painstakingly recorded.

It tells me that Mr. Hendrickson may yet aspire to shake off the terrible label of Daily Snooze that the paper of record has earned for itself.     This would be terrible in itself but it encourages at this crucial juncture in history for people to no longer purchase the paper.     I have also noted that many significant events around Newburyport are not even mentioned unless someone gets a press release to them and many are omitted.      Note that the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune* leaps out from its front page most all that occurs in its coverage area.      

If the Daily News omits so much in Newburyport, what are they missing in our local towns and our sister city?

Calling himself a Scribe tells me that he will do what he can regardless of the limits of money and time that may be forced upon him; to do the very best to cover everything that is going on in the city.

I like that!     May he be successful in such an endeavor!

-P. Preservationist

* Actually the Valley Patriot was created because even the Tribune fails to report many events.

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One Response to Our ‘Scribe’

  1. indyjerry77 says:

    Dear Janette,

    The rules are simple,

    As indicated on my blog the official policy is clearly stated:

    Contributing submissions on the historic downtown, historic preservation issues and open space concerns will be taken in strictest confidentiality. I reserve the right to post contributions that add to the discussions and will not post the name of the contributor unless specifically instructed to do so. I of course can not without permission post copyrighted materials.

    I fail to see the benefit of two sides screaming at each other while the rest of us watch. (Like they do on Fox News which is why I don’t watch that channel.)

    -P. Preservationist

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