Tainted Petition

Well, tonight, the anti-historic preservationists decided to retaliate after they were blindsided at the last city council session.      So they gathered their group and decided to line up to speak before the session began.      Twenty-two signed up but the President let a few more get in to get it out of their systems.

The big thing was the submission of the written petition, a total of 1,012 signatures of which 230 petitioners live inside the proposed LHD.      The trouble is, if I was given the fifteen lies these people passed out, I would sign this thing too!        They have misrepresented themselves from the start and have proceeded with their BIG LIE that somehow this takes away your property rights.

We’ve all seen opinion polls that were prejudiced because they posed questions that steered toward a desired outcome.     If someone came up to me and told me that someone was trying to take away property rights from homeowners, I’d declare, “Where do I sign?”

People have been duped in great numbers and there will be a backlash from this large effort of conning the citizenry.

This is not about property rights – this is about zoning protections to protect us from developers and land speculators and misinformed homeowners who, if left to their own devices, will begin to lower all our property values.

I’ve already shown these people have no basis for their opposition and true to form, their comments were as empty as I predicted:     

We must say no to retain our property rights.

We must say no because it is causing emotional and financial and social distress.

We will be controlled by a handful of people who will take away our property rights!

People are doing a great job taking care of their property. 

I don’t want anyone telling me what to do!

I don’t want my freedoms taken away!

It will be a nightmare!

It is un-American.

The question is, will the city councilors do their due diligence or will they be swayed by silly emotional outbursts and shallow arguments?    

These people have no credibility and they certainly can’t argue in the arena of truth!

-P. Preservationist

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