It’s the picture not the frame!

Can you imagine a beautiful painting in which all the attention is focused on the frame – making it ornate, making it gleam with gold and making it wide as it borders the canvas?


Then can you imagine taking a bright red spray can and defacing the painting until all that is left untouched is the surrounding frame?


So what happens?     Everything is ruined and good only for the trash can!

We have too many who want to fuss over the pretty frame but could care less about the picture itself.      When people come from all over the world to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre – no one is there to gawk at the frame!

We have locals who focus on our vibrant marinas.

We have locals who focus on our creative art community.

We have locals who focus on our shops.

We have locals who focus on our exciting restaurants in town.

We have locals who focus on our local farms and our common pasture.

We have locals who rave and use and promote our rail trail and our beautiful parks.

And yet, if the historic district becomes ruined by un-thoughtful development and homeowner abuse; and we lose the beautiful historic neighborhoods, all the rest will vanish away.

Our historic district ties everything into itself – it is the background that makes all that is wonderful about Newburyport possible.     

It happened to Plymouth, Massachusetts and it could happen here!      They let the painting become marred and all the cool things they have are now disconnected from the community and though they have an international draw, the town itself is financially hurting.      

We must not allow this to happen to Newburyport!

-P. Preservationist

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