Great Food!

Newburyport is very unique.

And in one way it is unique in the way the local churches do fundraisers.


The usual mode in so many other communities is for some rather anemic dishes thrown together of varying quality served in the most depressing surroundings.

But not in Newburyport.

I am mentioning it because of a near date for a most surprising* dinner.      Plus, the money goes toward the capital improvement of the Old South Church which is our only international heritage tourism draw.      Normally, in such a case, I would grit my teeth, pay out the required donation and eat the token amount and then take some Gas-X later.        The Women’s Fellowship is holding a spaghetti dinner from 5:00 to 7:00 tomorrow night (October 3rd) with accompanying music on piano by Malcolm Carnwath.

spaghetti dinner

Yes, I’ve got to tell you enthusiastically.     The food is delicious and worth a swing by.

It reminds me of the Greek Festival held on Harris Street at the church.     This is no half-hearted attempt – it is well-organized, very informative on Greek culture…and the food?      Incredible.       It’s date usually coincides with Old Fashioned Sunday – my favorite thing (and a whole lot of others of like mind) is to enjoy the Yankee Homecoming events at the Mall and then to saunter down for a great meal.     It is worth every penny!

Speaking of that, the Spaghetti Dinner at the Old South is ridiculously cheap.     $6.00!

After eating there last year, they should at least charge double that amount.     Fortunately for us all, no one has asked for my opinion.

Don’t miss it!*

-P. Preservationist

* I use the word ‘surprising’ because you don’t normally expect that kind of good quality at a church supper.

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